Instagram Free for 30 Days

THIRTY DAYS WITHOUT INSTAGRAM. WHAT?!? I know it’s crazy but it really happened. GUESS WHAT?! I survived!

The first few days I found myself checking my phone and reading the notifications I was getting. By the end of the week, I realized that no one really noticed that I was off the platform. By the end of the thirty days, I realized that I did not even care to post anymore. And that is what scared me. I had been so invested till this point. I knew the risks. In retrospect, I learned more from this period of my Instagram career than ever before. I put together some thoughts of what I learned from being away including what I had been overlooking.

girl in green dress sitting on a couch with sign saying heaven forbid

Heaven Forbid you didn’t post EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I know this can be controversial but you will understand what I mean at the end of this point. If this is your routine, go for it. If you can create amazing content and post every day, do it. When you have unlimited amounts of amazing posts to share, go for it. But if you are posting because you HAVE to, then STOP. Your audience is looking for engaged and well thought out content. Your audience is looking to see an authentic side to your feed. And if you are constantly posting just to post or constantly shoving sponsored posts in their faces, they will UNFOLLOW you.

Instagram DOES NOT fulfill you. 

It does feel great to have a great engagement. Yes, it does feel good to finally put out your creativity and get a good reaction. It does feel great to showcase your creativity. But Instagram should not be your source of happiness. I have heard this a million times these past two weeks and it is something that is completely stuck in my head. Whatever you do, just remember the feeling you get after you read this question. Ask yourself “What would you do if Instagram would have disappeared tomorrow? What would you have left?” WOW. Take a breath. This leads me to the next point. More on this topic to come but…

Instagram is not the ONLY life you live. 

Instagram is an amazing platform and frankly I love it. I met my husband through instagram. Please check out Our Love Story if you haven’t already. I have met some amazing bloggers through Instagram that I consider to be my close friends. BUT, at the end of the day, we all have a life to live outside of this platform. If you are putting so much effort into your Instagram life but neglecting your health, family, friends, personal goals and achievements then what is the point anyway?

Having a purpose and meaning outside of instagram is very vital to your well-being and it will help propel you through even the difficult seasons we face as creators and influencers. During this season, I graduated with my bachelors degree, took a cross country road trip (post to come), witnessed my brother proposed to the love of his life, visited Toliy’s 84 year old grandma, and hosted my first Bloggers Conference. 

girl with cap and gown with a smile

Taking a step back BOOSTS your creativity. 

Having an Instagram “fast” really helped me to boost my creativity. I have had more ideas, more solutions, and more opportunities in this period of my life than ever before. I  found myself thinking outside of the box more than before. I have found that new ideas come to me more often than not. I have had to THINK and REFLECT.

Multitasking DOES NOT work.

If you are like me, you like to be busy. I tend to take on more than I can handle and I use to find myself not feeling well and being stressed. Before my Instagram break, it was at the peak of Christmas time, I had decided to finish my degree and take full time classes, I had been working Full Time,  and I started planning the Chicago Bloggers First Annual Conference. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement. I am strong but I cannot do it all. Let me rephrase that, I am strong and I can do it all but not everything at once. I want to produce quality content and I want to really engage with my audience. Frankly, if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, and beat up: you NEED a break.

Taking a break from Instagram really helped me reprioritize my life. It helped me to have a fresh perspective and get back to why I really started all of this in the first place. It helped me to just connect again with people, myself and God. I feel that taking time away whether it be a couple days, a week or two or a month can be very essential to your career and well-being. You need to be the boss of your own life and give yourself a vacation- enough said.

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