Top Instagrammable Spot in Chicago: 3 Arts Cafe in Restoration Hardware

What can be said? I felt like I walked into an Instagrammer’s Dream with a totally instagrammable interior design scene paired with a green and luscious atrium cafe restaurant. If you ever plan to visit Chicago definitely continue reading to be fully prepared for your trip to RH Gold Coast. 

Chandelier in green Atrium- Top Instagrammable Spot in Chicago 3 Arts Cafe Restoration Hardware in Gold Coast

Where to park?

Definitely stick with valet parking. It’s $12 for your entire visit at Restoration Hardware. That is an amazing deal for Chicago. Thankfully a parking attendant told us to go with the valet because otherwise we would have spent over $30 just for parking.

How long should you plan for?

Your experience at RH can be anywhere from 3 hours to half the day. Depending on how busy it is, the wait for the cafe can be up to 3 hours long, so don’t come extremely hungry.

Where should my first stop be?

So when you first come into Restoration Hardware, look for the hostess and put your name on the list immediately. They will ask for a phone number and you will be able to roam the store while your table reservation is in the waiting queue. I definitely suggest grabbing a drink and maybe a bite to keep you satisfied during the wait time. Head over to the cafe area to grab a croissant or donut. They also served wine, coffee and tea that you can take with you as you explore the store.

Tea Icecream Espresso Granite Quartz Background Small Candle- Top Instagrammable Spot in Chicago 3 Arts Cafe Restoration Hardware in Gold Coast

What to do while you wait?

Ok now you have 3 hours to wait but hopefully less than that. You definitely have time to explore the store and even book an appointment for your home needs. Toliy and I roamed the store and it was literally like a museum. People are indeed taking photos on each level and in the summer they have a rooftop that opens up to feature their patio furniture. You can either start at the 1st floor and work your way up or vice versa. Be ready to soak in all the RH vibes.

Girl on bed in Top Instagrammable Spot in a Chicago- Restoration Hardware

Give yourself time to get that perfect instagrammable shot. We took plenty of  photos in many of the rooms. You can never go wrong with looking like you are in a five star hotel or someone’s mansion.

girl drinking tea with chandeliers in background of the most instagrammable spot in Chicago 3 Arts Cafegirl drinking tea with chandeliers in background of the most instagrammable spot in Chicago 3 Arts Cafe

What to do when you run out of things to do?

You have completed your self guided tour across the store. What is next? Take a nap on one of the cloud couches. The cloud couch is extremely comfortable and a perfect way to soothe into your cafe restaurant experience. Bring a laptop and get some work done. Relax with some friends and chat.

What to expect when you are expecting…

You have waited your whole life, your whole day, and a whole THREE hours for this moment. They send you a text and let you know that the table is now ready. You will have ten minutes to get to the hostess. They have tables in the main seating area which is the most instagrammable piece of the entire venue. There is also seating in the wine cellar room just next to the main dining room but away from all of the glam. All tables are fair game so be sure to request your seating location to ensure it will meet your expectations. We ended up at a communal sofa table which was extremely comfy to relax in but a little less comfortable to eat at. If you prefer a table in the main dining room note that when getting on the waitlist.

What did we order? 

I had the RH Burger with Kale Ceaser side salad which was pretty amazing. There was a sort of crunch to the salad that still leaves me thinking about it. Toliy had the Prime Rib sandwich with fries, that he seemed to enjoy. We finished the evening with some ice cream and tea and coffee. Sometimes they have pastries left over that you can pair with tea for dessert. The entrees can be pricey depending on what you order ($$) but at the end of the day you are paying for the experience, which was phenomenal. Second time around, I would skip dessert and order a full salad. Tip: Grab a menu and decide what you want to order while you wait.

Greenery Brick Wall- Top Instagrammable Spot in Chicago 3 Arts Cafe Restoration Hardware in Gold Coast

Was it worth that wait?

Overall, it was an amazing experience. You really get a sense of exclusivity that the brand upholds. I would definitely recommend this experience 10/10. If you are planning a trip to the city of Chicago, definitely add it to your itinerary. Also dont forget to get those instagrammable shots.

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